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GRHU established the emergency fund in response to the recent lockdowns in Uganda due to COVID 19. The lockdown measures prevent the refugee community access to their regular source of food supplies. “We slept hungry many times because the ratio was cut by 40% at first and it was later reduced to 20%, '' she said. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your love towards our refugees and for donating towards feeding families. 112 families, mostly widowed women, received beans, posho rice, salt, and eggs for the month. It should be noted that most of these mothers have 5 children. This means that more than 560 people were blessed with food . As one mom who received food said, “Even today, God, which provided to Israelites in the wilderness, is providing for them in Uganda”. 
Moving forward, we continue to offer the option
of donating to the emergency fund, which will
be used exclusively to address emergencies.

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