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Could you consider partnering with GRHU in this cause?

As we reach our goal of opening the Hope Medical Clinic in early 2022 for the refugees of the Kyaka II Refugee Camp, we can’t help at marvel at the generosity of donors all over the world. Already we have been able fund Phases 1 & 2, which completes the purchase of land, digging and laying of the foundation, and raising of the walls.

We endeavour to complete phases   throughout the year 2021, in order to be open and functional by February 2022. Here is what is needed to complete these goals:

Phase four- Painting, landscaping, equipment, medical supplies and staffing. Cost=$40,00CDN *Initial*


OF NOTE- We will seek ongoing donations to support the continuing costs of medications, fees for medical practitioners, costs of running the clinic, and training for practitioners once the clinic is up and running.


As always, we are so grateful for your generous donations that are changing and saving lives daily.

To make donations on this project please sends a cheque or money order in Canadian or U.S. funds to or donates through the campaign below:

Giving Refugees Hope in Uganda

P.O. Box 4208, Spruce Grove,

Alberta T7X 3B4​

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