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United Nations says more refugees entered Uganda than any other part of the world in 2016 as civilians fled conflicts and hunger in south Sudan, Burundi and Democratic republic of Congo. The flow of the refugees into Uganda has continued this year. Many refugee women and children who cross the border into Uganda arrive while malnourished which add pressure on Uganda’s health sector which is already operating at sub-optimal level especially in host communities. Existing heath facilities are few and under resourced and referral hospitals are over 70 Km away from settlements.

Good news!

Long time prayers have been answered, and it’s with great pleasure to share with you great news that GRHU, have started the building of Medical clinic and we have successfully completed Foundation Stage. We are planning to start building walls and roof. We are feeling both eager and anxious to see the clinic built and operational. We are acutely aware of the lives that are lost every day that the clinic remains unbuilt. As we move forward in the building of the clinic, donations are welcomed every bit you give brings hope for the future; thank you.


Could you consider partnering with GRHU in this cause?

The following is a financial breakdown in order to make this medical facility a reality.  The total cost for the next phase is $12500:

  • $100 for 1000 bricks

  • $20 for 1 bag cement

  • $150 hiring 15 workers for one full day’s  work

To make donations on this project please sends a cheque or money order in Canadian or U.S. funds to or donate through the campaign below:

Giving Refugees Hope in Uganda

P.O. Box 4208, Spruce Grove,

Alberta T7X 3B4​

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