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Donate a Pair of Shoes

GRHU is seeking to purchase 250 pairs of shoes for  refugee children  in Uganda to help them prevent diseases caused by walking barefoot. Small insects called jiggers (which look like sand fleas) cause one of the most endemic issues in Uganda today that can be easily prevented. Jiggers often enter through the feet, as they are poor jumpers. Painful swelling follows, and the jiggers spread throughout the body, causing affected tissue to essentially rot away. Thousands are affected by jiggers monthly, and some cases, if left untreated, lead to death. GRHU will be purchasing black shoes providing them to children aged 4 – 14 who are the most in need in Bunamwaya, in Kampala, Uganda.


Local pastors and community leaders familiar with the specific needs of the refugees will assist Fidele in Uganda in selecting recipients for shoes. Each brand new pair of shoes in Uganda cost $20.  The Board of Directors here in Canada will oversee the selection of recipients and the distribution of the shoes.

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