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 Widow’s   with Hope  Sponsorship

Your $35 ongoing donation per month will grant your sponsored widowed the opportunity to attend specialized vocational training either as a seamstress or hairdresser. Once she has graduated from the vocational training program, she will be able to begin running her own business as a hairdresser or seamstress or join an already existing company. Such employment grants each woman not only the dignity and empowerment of having her own career, but also the opportunity to provide clothing, food, medical fees and school fees for herself and her children. After graduation, the sponsorship will continue to supplement her income as school fees, medical costs and food are not covered by any government assistance program and are very costly. This sponsorship not only increases the overall health and mental health of the women in the program, but also provides her children with life giving supports.

The cost to send the widow to school is $35 per month for the period of one year.

Your support gives the widow hope for their future.
100% of your donation will go towards school sponsorship for widow refugee.
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