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Our Vision


“Refugees living with hope again.”

Meet The Team

Giving Refugees Hope in Uganda is managed by a Canadian Board
of Directors and advisers based primarily in Canada.  We started in
these roles in 2013 and have grown our board and advisers in the
years since. Most directors and advisors have visited the projects in
Uganda and typically travel to Uganda at least once a year. The
positions on the board of directors and advisers are all 100%
volunteered and unpaid roles.   Directors meet monthly to strategize

the wellbeing of the organization.

Wanda Grant


Tammy Janzen

Widow Director 

Andrea Raynor

Orphanage Director

Adam Li

Media Director 

Patrick Kizehe


Jenn Banas

Medical Director

Vernon Rayner


Murray Fuhr

Vice Chair 

Dr. Rick Paddie

Executive Medical Director

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