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Sponsor a Child today


Currently, many child refugees are not going to school, not by their own wish but because parents or guardians are not able to meet the cost of the schools. When you sponsor a child, they don’t wonder when their next lunch meal will be, since schools in Uganda provide food to students at school. When sponsoring a child, you break the chain of poverty and make a huge difference to a child’s wellbeing. As the only sponsor, your child will have a special relationship with you, as you will get a unique insight into their life.

The project will be implemented by the refugees themselves and facilitated by Giving Refugees Hope in Uganda.

The cost to send the child to school is $35 per month. Your donation of $35 will provide the child a uniform and two meals a day at school.

The children showing below are without support. Please select a child below to give a child the opportunity to receive an  education and two meals a day. Your support give the child hope for their future.

100% of your donation will go towards school sponsorship for child refugee.
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