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My name is Jenn Banas and I am a Pastor and Clinical Counsellor based out of Spruce Grove, AB. I have lived and worked in Uganda, alongside my husband, Pastor Chris Banas, and our two children Calen and Mali. Our time in Uganda gave us such a heart for Africa and for the nations. The opportunity to host GRHU’s banquet was such an incredible honour and blessing. By the end of the night, my cup was full and overflowing with gratitude.


The volunteers did an excellent job with the decorating, food (the authentic African dishes were delicious; I hadn’t realized how much I missed it), dancing, singing, speaking, auction and sponsorship table. It was as if we had been transported back to Africa for a night; I really didn’t want it to end. The sense of community, solidarity and family was so tangible that night. Although there is a sense of urgency and sadness around the losses and trauma the refugees are facing, the overriding atmosphere of the night was hope, joy and gratitude; hope for the future of the families being cared for and children being sponsored, but also gratitude for the generosity being shown and for how we have all been so greatly blessed.


As the night went on, I couldn’t help but think that we had all been brought together as a family, for such a time as this. I can see the integral and steadfast intention of Patrick as he oversees this project, and I can also feel the blessing of God over this project. God loves the orphans, widows, down-and-outers, and those stuck in the miry clay. He wants us all to jump in and use our gifts, abilities and compassion to make sure these very ones are not forgotten.


After the banquet, Chris and I knew we were meant to partner with GRHU and Patrick. It will be our great honor and joy to join GRHU in Uganda in March, and to partner with them long term to help fulfill the vision to bring hope to the refugees of Uganda. Thank you GRHU!

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