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Age: 32


“Greetings, I’m Furakazi Bukuru, a 32-year-old widow who escaped the war in Congo with my four children. Life in the Chaka Refugee Camp has been tough without money, I wish to educate my children but I also dream of starting a small hairdressing salon. With your support in securing the necessary tools and training, I believe I can provide not just hairstyling services but also employment opportunities. Thank you for considering my vision.”


For those who are in need of the training, you can support them monthly or quarterly for the period of 6 month.


The cost to run entire both programs is $2500. This covers 4 teachers' salary, a security guard, materials needed for 6 months for both programs, and an experienced skilled business person who offers guidance and mentorship to the mothers while in the program on how to run their own business. This mentor supports them another 6 month after their graduation to make sure they are making good decisions in their business or new job. This program has changed the lives of many widows and young girls making them independent and able to provide for their children.

Furakazi Bukuru

Price Options
Furakazi Bukuru
Monthly Sponsorship
C$35.00every month for 6 months
Furakazi Bukuru
Quarterly Sponsorship
C$105.00every 3 months for 6 months
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