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Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 02-May-15

Age: 8


Jordan's parents are not known, his mother abandoned him when he was three months old. Jordan's guardian is very poor and not able to pay school fees. Jordan loves playing basketball, he wants to be an accountant.


School sponsorship costs $35 monthly and this covers school fees, uniforms, and two meals at school. You can choose to support a child or children monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The program keeps you informed about the well-being of your sponsored children could you consider sponsoring a child today below? It's children who are in the highest need.

Jordan Ashaba

Price Options
Jordan Ashaba
Monthly Sponsorship
C$35.00every month until canceled
Jordan Ashaba
Quarterly Sponsorship
C$105.00every 3 months until canceled
Jordan Ashaba
Yearly Sponsorship
C$420.00every year until canceled
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